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  • Wonderful!

    Our daughter failed her new born hearing screening and began using bilateral hearing aids when she was 6 weeks old. As her parents we were concerned that she would never hear ‘normally’, never hear common sounds, and not speak as well as her peers. She started at HOPE School just before her first birthday. She transitioned from Toddler Group into the Preschool program as she was turning 2. HOPE School was wonderful! She was taught to listen and speak to communicate. By the time she was 4, she was the classroom speech model! She mainstreamed into the public school system for Kindergarten. She is now finishing up First Grade and has not needed any speech therapies, or any other special courses. We are so thankful to HOPE School for all they have given her, and to our family. We are now confident that she does hear ‘normally’ and communicate with others. HOPE School is an extended family. We still have times to visit with the other families through holiday events and FISH Meetings. And whenever we hear of a family going through similar situations, we always share our wonderful experiences at HOPE School with them.

    superswenson4, — 19th June, 2012
  • Impressed

    My personal connection with this school is that I grew up deaf and this school reminds me a lot of the oral deaf program I went to from age 3 to 3rd grade where I grew up in the Boston suburbs.  I have been continuously impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff, teachers, and volunteers at this school.  Its been so infectious that it has drawn me to volunteer and want to be part of this dynamic group.

    wosterling, — 19th June, 2012
  • The Children Succeed

    The vision for HOPE school came from a group of professionals and parents who knew that yound children who are deaf or hard of hearing could achieve much more with a program dedicated to provide excellent services to them. I had the privilege of working with many families with children with hearing loss over the years and referring them to different programs including the HOPE school. Children at HOPE school succeed at a level that could never have been imagined, for example children who are deaf showing normal speech language skills by the time they transfer to Kindergarten. Staff is dedicated to coordinate with everyone involved with the child and family, the families are supported and the children succeed. The vision has become reality.

    Ulrike, — 19th June, 2012
  • A Dream Come True

    I knew NOTHING about hearing loss until my son was late diagnosed with severe-to-profound hearing loss and didn’t get proper hearing aids until the age of two.  As a result he had no language at all and started the Toddler Group when he was only grunting and crying to communicate.

    He started the Hope School just before he turned 3 years old and subsequently got bilateral cochlear implants.  Over the next three years my son’s language skills absolutely made leaps and bounds.  It was amazing and inspiring to watch his tremendous progress, so much so that he started kindergarten mainstreamed and is doing well and better than half his class (typically developing hearing students).  I owe his success to Hope School and the amazing teachers and constant support they provide me in my son’s hearing journey.

    Hope School is family for life.  When your child graduates they don’t stop caring.  I still seek support when needed from them and we still attend many events they host.  I can’t even imagine where my son would be at right now if it was not for the priceless gift of the listening and spoken language that Hope School provided for him and his friends.  They really care and they are truly experts at what they do.  Hope School was a dream come true for me and my family and they can be for you too!

    Michelle B, — 4th March, 2013
  • Wonderful!

    HOPE School is an amazing school where children with hearing loss are able to learn to listen and talk through the use of their hearing technology and the wonderful support the staff provides. They are the only school of its kind in all of our area and are not only a necessary part of the children’s and their family’s lives but also an asset to the community by helping to educate the children to become advocates for themselves and others. Through a team approach of a Teacher of the Deaf, general education teacher, and classroom Speech Language Pathologist these children are given the opportunity to have speaking and academic skills commensurate with their peers with normal hearing. HOPE Schools services start from birth. This is a wonderful organization for not only the children but also their families.

    LisaWatson, — 22nd October, 2013
  • Dedication!

    I have had the opportunity to work with the wonderful staff at HOPE School, as well as with the children and families they serve.  The dedication of the professionals, the enthusiasm of the students when they walk in the door, and the genuine love the families have to partner together with the school for the success of their children is unsurpassable.  There is much that goes in to the success of a program like this, and the children that attend and have attended HOPE School are the proof of that dedication.  HOPE School is truly a shining star!

    KelliYouk, — 8th November, 2013
  • Unmatched

    I have been actively involve in the medical field, helping to restore hearing and advocate for the hearing impaired for more than 25 years. Hope school is a unique educational setting that provides hearing, speech, and learning services that are not provided by the local  school districts for preschoolers.It also provides a unique opportunity for speech professionals in university training to learn about educational techniques for the hard of hearing, which is unmatched

    — 24th February, 2016
  • The Best School For Kids With Cochlear Implants

    We moved from Atlanta to Spokane and I was worrying about my younger daughter how she is wearing a cochlear implants we found HOPE SCHOOL,  and they helped to enroll in the HOPE school they are very friendly and cooperative they really worry about what the kids needs to be developed  the speech. Is the best School for kids with cochlear implants.

    Jacqueline32, — 24th February, 2017
  • An Incredible Charity

    We have lived in Coeur d’Alene for about 25 years. We have looked for charitable organizations that provide unique services in our area. We came across Hope School which clearly provides a unique and very successful program to make it possible for young deaf children to progress to the point where they can hear again and attend a normal elementary school. Each year we go to  their presentation where these children who started out deaf can communicate with all of us. An incredible experience. We continue to be inspired each year and donate to their cause each year.

    25th February, 2017,
  • Audiologist Loves HOPE

    I have been an Audiologist working with hard of hearing and deaf children in this community for almost 25 years. The HOPE school is such a wonderful language-rich environment for our young students with hearing loss whose families choose to focus on spoken communication.  The dedicated, knowledgeable, and hard working staff at HOPE are truly amazing. There is no other program like this in our community. You would have to travel to Seattle or Portland to find anything similar. How lucky we are to have this here locally!

    kfehlig, — 26th February, 2017