Jared Drollette

Jared Drollette, M. Ed.

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Jared became a part of the hearing loss community a little over 14 years ago when his second son was diagnosed with hearing loss. He realized the need for more resources to support children, and families of these children, with hearing loss that want to use oral and aural communication. To advance his knowledge, and to prepare to be a resource, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and Deaf Education as well as a master’s of education in Deaf Education focused on Listening and Spoken Language.
Though all families have different experiences when they get news, and every child and family have unique needs, he hopes that adding his experiences adds a kinship with this community in the educational environment. Jared believes all of our children have boundless potential, and endeavors to help each of them find their path to success.