2019 Holiday Appeal

“When Finn was two, he began losing his hearing. Of all the fears you have as a parent, deafness was not one we were prepared for.”

Finn’s mom Christine

November 22, 2019

Thank you for giving HOPE to parents as they navigate a journey they never envisioned. Our programs reassure parents who are frightened— even shell-shocked—and yearning for guidance, training, resources, and a rich support system.

With the giving season upon us, your additional gift to HOPE will ensure that children like Finn and his family will continue to have this resource for years to come.

Christina shares: “HOPE gave us support we didn’t even know we needed! Finn received home visits from HOPE’s hearing loss specialist. Those visits helped Finn as much as it helped us. We gained confidence and courage to make the right choices and navigate that first year of Finn’s hearing loss.”

Finn is now at HOPE’s preschool. He received Cochlear Implants this summer and has begun saying a smattering of words. “It was shocking how fast he progressed once he returned to HOPE Preschool,” Christina says. “After just a week, he was saying two- and three-word phrases. I could not imagine this journey without HOPE. Not only because of the education for Finn and ensuring he can go to ‘mainstream’ school, but for us. There is just no way we could have found the support we needed without HOPE.”

Your support of HOPE makes change like this possible. Your donation helps cover the costs of the specialized services that only HOPE provides our community.

Thank you for giving the gift of HOPE this holiday season!


Danette Driscoll,
Executive Director