Lindsay, teacher, reading with a student.We serve children who are deaf and hard of hearing and using modern hearing technology (e.g., cochlear implants, hearing aids, Baha systems). To be successful in school, a child must HEAR 46 million words by age 4. Children’s later academic success is directly related to the amount of talk they hear early in their life. Thankfully, children who are deaf or hard of hearing do not have to be held back by their diagnosis. Due to advances in auditory technology, these children can be taught to hear and speak as well as their peers. However, hearing technology MUST be accompanied by specialized teaching and training so children may learn to interpret and use the sounds they hear. Spokane HOPE’s early intervention programs provide this specialized training starting as early as initial diagnosis through age five.  In addition, we provide ongoing support to parents to promote carryover of language, learning, and listening skills at home.

We offer the following programs: