Stories of HOPE

Finding HOPE

Hearing the words ‘your child is deaf’ can be like a gut punch, knocking you to your knees. In this video, three HOPE families tell their emotional stories of hearing the news and finding the gift of HOPE.

A Lasting HOPE

With almost 20 years of history serving hard-of-hearing children, our students have been able to chase their dreams and amplify their impact in their world. Learn more about their incredible lives.

Kassie’s Story

Kassie and HOPE teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Amy Hardie

“I knew nothing of the deaf and hard of hearing world, so it was a lot to think about and process. Our biggest goal was to provide her with hearing. She was eligible for cochlear implants and now she has two.

“Then, our goal was that she receive every service possible to support her to make sense of sounds and give us sounds back through words. We started with in home services, added speech therapy, then we found Spokane HOPE and everything started coming together. For Kassie and for us. Her teachers at HOPE turned my little girl into a thriving, singing, talking, ‘hey my name is Kassie, what’s your name?’ social butterfly!

Kassie and friends at Spokane HOPE

“She continues to excel at volleyball, loves to sing and dance to music, has a passion for art and continues to try new adventures such as, dirt biking, zip lining, surfing and much more! As parents, we thrived on the support from HOPE and from the other parents while we watched our children listen, learn and come home to teach US about their day!

“I feared a life of silence from my little girl and when I look back now, I know that was never a possibility since she was in the hands of the staff at HOPE. They say it takes a village and HOPE is one mighty village that we will never forget!”

– Kassie’s mom

Jackson’s Story

Jackson at Spokane HOPE

“Soon after arriving in Spokane, we were connected with a family resource coordinator, wonderful ENT doctor, and speech therapist. Yet the best connection was with Spokane HOPE. We were introduced to HOPE’s Birth to Three program, and to Amy Hardie, their specialized teacher. She would come to our home to work with Jackson and to coach me through everything from hearing aids and BAHA’s to MRI’s and how to communicate best with him through each new stage we encountered.

“We recently started attending the HOPE Toddler Group where Jackson loves the music class, snack time and being able to play with other toddlers. It is such a wonderful addition that Jackson absolutely loves!”

– Kelly Enfield, Jackson’s mom