Happy Holidays!

As we reflect on 2023, we are grateful that together we could gift HOPE to so many children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. We are inspired by their determination and joy as they pursue a full life, immersed in our hearing world.

The best things in life are unquantifiable, but here are a few good things we counted in 2023:

  • HOPE’s teachers of the deaf coached parents through 556 home visits, supporting and educating families with the new diagnosis.
  • 1,030 hours of 1:1 auditory verbal therapy were provided.
  • Four preschool classes were instructed with a 1:3 ratio of adults to children.
  • THOUSANDS of new words were spoken by local deaf and hard of hearing children
    learning to grow their voice.

We are looking forward to another impactful year in 2024! Expenses are up, so we thank you for remembering Spokane HOPE in your year-end giving. Together, we are changing the lives of Spokane children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing!

Finding Hope...

Sonny's Story

“My husband and I were devastated when we received the news that our youngest son Sonny had hearing loss. I spent weeks intermittently crying over the news.

After a couple of days, I took my audiologist’s advice and reached out to Spokane HOPE. I sobbed as I watched the stories told by other parents and, for the first time, these were tears of relief and joy. I had found a community that would enable my son to live his best life.

I am beyond grateful to have found HOPE and have been touched and impressed by the therapists who are so clearly passionate and knowledgeable in their skills. I now know that Sonny is in good hands and will thrive because of HOPE.”

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