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We provide HOPE through individualized, parent coaching during the first months and years of life, small group socialization for toddlers and parents to build foundational listening awareness, and specialized listening and spoken language preschool to develop strong, confident voices.

The Stories of HOPE

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Hearing the words ‘your child is deaf’ can be like a gut punch, knocking you to your knees. In this video, three HOPE families tell their emotional stories of hearing the news and finding the gift of HOPE.

Kassie holding a rock with a fossil of a shell

I feared a life of silence...

“Wow, this girl. She stole my heart from the beginning. For a short time I had pictured a life of limitations. Then we found HOPE School…

He loves the music class!

“Jackson was born with unilateral hearing loss. When we received his diagnosis, we were a week away from moving with a newborn and a sea of unknown ahead…

Jackson smiling!